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2pc 16g Vertical Labret Retainer Curved Barbell Clear Lip Plastic Gauge Earrings Ring For Women 10mmEnlarge « »

2pc 16g Vertical Labret Retainer Curved Barbell Clear Lip Plastic Gauge Earrings Ring For Women 10mm

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Made from PMMA dental-grade acrylic which is ideal for healed piercings. These clear curved barbell are hypoallergenic, lead-free, nickel-free and bio-compatible. The ball-ends screw on easily and can be securely fastened to prevent falling off. Suitable for anti helix, triple forward helix, anti-tragus, conch, daith, triple forward helix, forward helix, rook, transverse lobe, vertical labret piercings.

Item Details

Jewelry Type Curved Barbell
UPC code 602804202552
Dimensions (L x W x H) 16mm x 3mm x 3mm
Total Weight 20g
Material Acrylic
Package Quantity 2 item(s)

Jewelry Specifications

Gauge 16g - 1.2mm
Barbell Length 10mm (3/8)
Ball End Type Ball
Ball End Size 3mm
Thread / Fit External Threading

Body Piercing Jewelry Care

We can’t emphasize enough the need to keep your jewelry clean.
Below are some vital points on how to maintain healthy and long-lasting jewelry:

  • Do not soak acrylic or gemstone jewelry items in alcohol (it will damage the material)
  • Wash your items with warm (antibacterial) soapy water for best results
  • Use a cotton tip dipped in alcohol to clean portions of the jewelry that will pass through your piercing
  • Always remove dangling jewelry when sleeping, exercising or swimming
  • Make sure not to over-tighten body jewelry as it will strip the threads
  • Tongue rings and body jewelry can be degraded by acidic foods, mouthwash, alcohol consumption or smoking
  • Always wash your hands prior to cleaning or touching your piercing

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