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16g Pregnancy Belly Button Bioflex Bioplast Long Maternity Navel Piercing Jewelry Flexible PregnantEnlarge « »

16g Pregnancy Belly Button Bioflex Bioplast Long Maternity Navel Piercing Jewelry Flexible Pregnant

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Features 2 x round-shaped peridot crystal CZ stone gems that are bright and very clear (no fogginess). Made from implant-grade Bioflex material which is best for initial piercings and sensitive skin. Light weight and does not weigh down your piercing. Wear continuously with peace of mind. These belly ring charms for navel piercings are hypoallergenic, lead-free, nickel-free and bio-compatible. The gem / crystal-ends screw on easily and can be securely fastened to prevent falling off. Suitable for navel belly button piercings. Suitable to wear in pools, shower, ocean and doesnt cause a rash whilst working out. Perfect for wearing at the beach in a bikini. Bioplast navel bars allow you to adjust their fit to perfectly suit you. This helps prevent rejection and is perfect during pregnancy.

Item Details

Jewelry Type Belly Button Ring
UPC code 606015103554
Dimensions (L x W x H) 39mm x 10mm x 10mm
Total Weight 10g
Material Bioflex
Package Quantity 1 item(s)

Jewelry Specifications

Belly Ring Type Double Gem
Gauge 16g - 1.2mm
Barbell Length 19mm (3/4)
Ball End Type Gem / Crystal
Ball End Size 10mm
Thread / Fit External Threading

Body Piercing Jewelry Care

We can’t emphasize enough the need to keep your jewelry clean.
Below are some vital points on how to maintain healthy and long-lasting jewelry:

  • Do not soak acrylic or gemstone jewelry items in alcohol (it will damage the material)
  • Wash your items with warm (antibacterial) soapy water for best results
  • Use a cotton tip dipped in alcohol to clean portions of the jewelry that will pass through your piercing
  • Always remove dangling jewelry when sleeping, exercising or swimming
  • Make sure not to over-tighten body jewelry as it will strip the threads
  • Tongue rings and body jewelry can be degraded by acidic foods, mouthwash, alcohol consumption or smoking
  • Always wash your hands prior to cleaning or touching your piercing

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